A couple in love knotted round each other, separate but together like the atria of a heart


Lost in the far flung and isolated pages The people wrote some mad and bland Attack at the heart of the union They voted asked and signed to leave Blind and hate wrung venting fury I lose my words but I know my heart The distance is the suffocation An…


Don't look now - Nic Roeg RIP

RIP Nic Roeg, one of the greatest film directors. I love ‘Don’t Look Now’. Although the film primarily deals with loss and the unbearable reality of human powerlessness in the face of tragedy, as the lead couple struggle in vain to reclaim their past it


Love and Meaning in the End: The Final Shot of 'Rocky'

This is a still from the final shot of the final scene of the legendary film 'Rocky', and for certain reasons I think it is one of the greatest ever moments in cinematography: It's a classic film which for many of us was first…


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