Dance Photography

Dance Photography

Falling Man Soundtrack online

Techno to fugues, electronic to obscure R.E.M. covers, drums, dance and death notes- click below top listen to the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed London show Falling Man:Apple Music / iTunes /// Spotify /// Amazon


The Music of Falling Man

The Music of Falling Man The creation of the musical score of Falling Man represents almost two years of creative work. It is an intensely personal series of pieces, as much as the overall work is personal for both Dane Hurst and myself. This personal…


Falling Man Poster

With the Wilton's performances now only a week away...


Falling Man - Beta

Dance - Falling Man - Beta


Falling Man - Gamma

Falling Man



A couple in love knotted round each other, separate but together like the atria of a heart


Black and white image of contemporary dancer Dane Hurst performing O'dabo


Award-winning film about a dancer afflicted by heartbreak, disappointment and anger who learns the true value of creativity and valuing oneself

LOOP - Losing My Mind (Official Music Video)

Debut music video for LOOP, the new London-based pop artist who is bringing a breath of fresh air to the music scene

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