Lost in the far flung and isolated pages
The people wrote some mad and bland 
Attack at the heart of the union
They voted asked and signed to leave
Blind and hate wrung venting fury
I lose my words but I know my heart
The distance is the suffocation
An ending a tabloid dismissal
A slash against the future 
Forests burning not growing
Together different with different minds Different tongues, different lives.
Brexit means Brexit
I heard the ruler say
But facing opposite directions Could mean to walk toward not walk away
Depending on the voting turnout. We voted in rage and blame
 The divorce bill the lightning rod
This article cannot be true
The single market
 So disappointing filled With those who are not you Lacking all that makes you precious 
Customs and exercise I run and ride to forget
 But the lands of Europe wait there still Golden and beautiful, old and young The history painted in galleries Funded by ambition and warfare The oceans of cities The beaches where the sons And daughters settle in the evening The son tells the daughter Her nuance is her perfection And he is an expert I miss the land I miss your hand
European seascapes
Are the future backdrop we have lost
History seems forgotten
 A tale of two states
 So opposed that were in love
Are now engaged in a separation Started by the small majority of voters Who cast their ballot for worse reasons.
But the black votes are in So we are now engaged in a separation As wrong as Brexit