Notting Hill Carnival 2017 Photo Gallery

In my opinion as a humble, long-suffering, lifelong Londoner, the most beautiful event that happens in this city each year is the Notting Hill Carnival. The original 1960s melting pot area of this metropolis, now synonymous with romantic comedy and gentrification, is still a place at least one weekend a year where you can see life at its most intense, joyful, chaotic, ridiculous, gorgeous, contentious, tiring, enlivening, blissful, random, productive, creative, hilarious, reassuring, inspiring, and loving. A place associated with times of great happiness and sadness for me, I fundamentally feel grateful every year for the chance to see life exploding in all its forms (in a cloud of colour, bass, and jerk chicken smoke) into the world - like someone just opened Pandora's crate of spiced rum.

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This ocean of humanity churns up endless moments of unique beauty - interactions, expressions, emotions, and accidents of contact and character that is the ultimate feast for any mind that loves life.

Oh what a piece of work is a man...