Incredible edibles Lashings of octopus tentacle And Spanish bread and beer Chillis fried near the brunt Of tastebud prison riot Run memories as this tube Back home glides through Black and stations run rack and Ruin of drunkards splay Their shouts in euphoric Blasted booze faxed lifewarring Railing against that simple confusion That ever gnawing confusion That sadly imperfect delusion, Perfect as an unanswered question

I remember the Spanish bar Cruzecampo and patanegra But an anger interrupts My joy of pork fat and frying Ribs, pearl white sherry fine Embalming truth in Spanish wine The train runs dark then station Bright stating the obvious Before the blight of oblivion Moments of love and its Opposite, control, and faith In control, this sine Of time v hope, This zoetrope Spinning into the motion Of a drunken Saturday lifetime Forever, this Saturday lifetime