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God Damn - 'Everything Ever' Album Artwork / 'Sing This' Music Video Reviews

"The artwork for the album is amazing – just alien enough to be eye-catching but without being in the obscure realm that turns people off."

- Rhian Wilkinson, Vulture Hound Magazine

Everything Ever Album Artwork

From an interview with Thom Edwards of God Damn:

"What can we expect from the new video, “Sing This”?

Yeah, we’ve got a guy Tom Rowland who has done all of our artwork production on this album. One thing me and Ash (Weaver, drums) fall out over is artwork, one of us will love it and the other will hate it you know, and we’ll really fall out over it, in the most brotherly of ways! So we decided with this record that somebody is gonna do everything; so he’s done the album artwork and the videos. Apart from “Dead to Me” where we’d done that before we started making the album. Tom Rowland is a great guy, he’s the most intense artist ever. I like the fact that he’s that passionate and that he’s gonna take ownership and do something different that he sees fits best. With the artwork, we’ve tried to avoid any cliches, we’ve always tried to avoid cliches with this band. I mean we’re two dudes with long hair so that’s enough cliches as it is already. It would have been really easy for us to go for some like stoner metal artwork, or rock and roll artwork, because it’s a rock record. But I like to think there’s not a rock record that sounds like this so it’s important to do something different with the artwork and music video wise. It’s all very surly, expect a thoroughly arty video, but it works, it really works."

- Moshville Times

"The album artwork provides a captivating visual, but a strong opening ensures that anybody unsure whether the music will match up to the artwork will have their concerns put aside."

- Ashley Frances Shephard, NE:MM Magazine

"God Damn immortalise their devastatingly heavy and addictive new single ‘Sing This’ with a powerful new music video, taken from their forthcoming second album, ‘Everything Ever’.... The accompanying video acts as a visual aid to the lyrics that express the two sides to being alive, at times it is dark and torturous at other times it is a wonderful experience."

- Kieran Webber, Clunk Magazine

Midlands, dynamic duo God Damn .... unleash this outlandishly strong video to accompany their darkly convincing and temperamental new single, ‘Sing This’

- Fame Magazine

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