Murphy's Law (Official Music Video) - James King and the Regals

Official Music Video for 'Murphy's Law' by James King and the Regals // directed by Tom Rowland // http://tomrow.land

Tom Rowland on the story behind the video:

"The song describes a tussle with pessimism, personified in the figure of Mr Murphy - named after the inventor of the famous more formulated version of sod's law. I recall that the real Murphy himself was a test pilot, whose catchphrase was "If anything can go wrong it will go wrong". A wise axiom for a man who flew around on glorified bombs.

Nevertheless, for the rest of us this view is a perspective which can have a more negative meaning. My reaction to the song was that it embodied both negativity in the shadow figure of Murphy, as well as positivity, actually represented by the artist creatively reflecting on his experience of pessimism, thus asserting some kind of resistance if not mastery to such a gloomy thought process.

This was my thinking when coming up with the creative for the video. In order to embody this opposition of positive and negative, I felt I wanted to contrast images of life with death: exuberant colour with dark monochrome setups; lavish rushes of light with deep black; the denuded skeleton or skull against beautiful and lavishly dressed and styled female forms; movement against stasis; and other technical contrasts such as crisp cinematic definition footage shot on Arri against degraded handycam video."


LOOP - Losing My Mind (Official Music Video)

Debut music video for LOOP, the new London-based pop artist who is bringing a breath of fresh air to the music scene


Sing This

Official Music Video for 'Sing This' by God Damn (One Little Indian Records)



EXXEHOMO by Tom Rowland, choreographed and performed by Mbulelo Ndabeni. Music by Tom Rowland.
Visuals/film supported by Arts Council England Grant for Arts during Mbulelo's research and development of his original work 'NaY'


Lono - We the People Visualisation 1 Cheggy

Visual Projection film for live performance by Lono


Lono - We the People Visualisation 2 - Dark

Visual Projection film for live performance by Lono


God Damn - Ghost (Official Music Video)

Official music video for 'Ghost' by rock band God Damn (One Little Indian Records). Directed by Tom Rowland.
http://goddamntheband.com -- http://tomrowland.co.uk


Tom Rowland // Portfolio Showreel

Tom Rowland photographer, film director, composer, showreel


Making History - Fudge and the Frequency (Official Music Video)

Official music video for 'Making History' by Fudge and the Frequency. Filmed in the baroque backdrop of the sumptuous Café Royal, Piccadilly, London, and featuring appearances by the rising star of contemporary dance Adelene Stanley, burlesque performance artists L'Sheila Sisters, and drummer Vicky O'Neon.


'Dreamers' - Ofei

Official Music Video for Dreamers by OFEI


Primitive (2014) Trailer

©Tom Rowland 2014



Award-winning film about a dancer afflicted by heartbreak, disappointment and anger who learns the true value of creativity and valuing oneself

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