Missing: The Tragedy of Grenfell Tower

The community around Grenfell tower in the days following the Grenfell Tower fire

The Orwells @ Scala

Sex, Crowdsurfing, and Rock 'n' Roll - The Orwells play Scala London in the finale of their European tour

Liv Turnbull

Liv Turnbull

Everything Ever

Album art and campaign imagery for the album 'Everything Ever' by God Damn (One Little Indian Records)

Estela Merlos

Photoshoot for acclaimed dancer Estela Merlos, and her original piece "My Dust Will Tell"

Megaman / Studio B

Megaman of So Solid Crew gives an interview to DJ Vlad of Vlad TV

Sing This // Behind the Scenes

On set filming the music video for 'Sing This' by God Damn

Jamie Cullum, Metropolis Studio B

Jamie Cullum, recording for Yamaha in Metropolis Studio B

Nikka Costa - Vinyl Metropolis

Nikka Costa recording in Metropolis Studio A


Emma Lauran

Boblog @Metropolis

Boblog Headlining at the Metropolis Studios Christmas party

Print Gallery - Prud'hon: The Moving Body at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

On stage and behind the scenes for 'Prud'hon: The Moving Body' for which I also composed music

Draper Luminous / Jealous Packshots

Draper Luminous / Jealous Packshot Artwork

Notting Hill Carnival

One of my Notting Hill Carnival sets, this one from 2014


The city, its shapes, colours, and people